Why Are Personal Care Services Helpful?


Assisted living facilities are ideal for older people because they allow people to thrive, even if they need help with daily activities. Personal care services can be provided by well-trained staff members. Here are some of the ways personal care services can be helpful:

1. Allow seniors to participate in community life.

Personal care services encompass a range of activities to help residents conduct their daily lives. Hygiene assistance and chores are part of personal care services. These tasks offer many practical benefits. One of the most important benefits is allowing seniors to engage with their communities. Ordinary tasks can take seniors, especially those with disabilities, a long time to complete. Assistance will free up time each day, which residents can use to extend their social circle. Community living is one of the best parts of assisted living facilities.

2. Ensure seniors follow through with doctor's orders.

Modern medicine allows senior citizens to live longer, healthier lives. Many illnesses and chronic conditions can be managed with the help of medicine and appropriate treatment. For these treatments to work, seniors must follow through with all their doctor's orders. This can be difficult for people who have grown forgetful with age. In an assisted living facility, carers can remind residents to take their medication and perform prescribed physical therapy exercises. Gentle reminders will enable residents to better care for themselves.

3. Reduce daily stress levels.

Stress is bad for people of all ages, but it's particularly dangerous for older people. Elevated stress levels can lead to high blood pressure, tachycardia, and poor sleep. Minimizing stress is an important function of personal care services. By helping with chores like laundry, dishwashing, and meal prep, a carer can make the lives of older people as stress-free as possible. This will lead to increased overall life satisfaction and better health.

4. Provide comfort and companionship.

Loneliness is a major problem among isolated populations. Seniors are at risk of isolation when they can't maintain their social life. In an assisted living facility, residents live close together which allows them the opportunity to socialize if they desire. Personal care services can provide an additional level of companionship. Carers are people who often develop friendships with the people they serve. Seeing a friendly face each day can give seniors comfort and prevent some of the risks of depression due to isolation.

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14 May 2020

assisted living following a stroke

When my mom had a stroke, I knew that things were never going to be the same. We were very fortunate that she lived so close to the hospital and that the neighbor was there visiting when it happened, because the outcome is not as bad as it could have been. Unfortunately, she needed a lot of extra care while she worked to recover from the damage that was done. I found a wonderful assisted living facility to place her in to get the help that she needed. If you have a loved one that has recently experienced the same thing, my blog could be quite helpful for you.