What To Bring To Your Relative In A Nursing Home


If you have an elderly family member who lives in a convalescent home, your visit will probably be very important to him or her! Although most nursing homes have a variety of social opportunities and dedicated staff members who fill in as a surrogate family, nothing beats a visit from much-loved family or friends. When you go to visit your relative, you might wish to bring some comforts of home or other small gifts.

29 December 2015

5 Ways to Connect With Loved Ones Affected by Alzheimer's


As Alzheimer's Disease affects cognitive thinking, memory and behavior, it can have a devastating effect on all those involved. If your loved one suffers from this most common form of dementia, there are measures you can take to help improve his or her quality of life, while strengthening your bond and connection. Whether in the early or progressive stages, help keep the Alzheimer's care patient mentally sharp with the following activities and memory-enhancing routines.

20 October 2015

Mental Toughness: Why It's Essential To Your Recovery And How You Can Have More Of It


If you've ever had a serious medical procedure performed on you, then you know that your recovery doesn't end when you leave the hospital. Often, significant physical issues remain that require short-term rehabilitation programs and other healing support. They also require significant alterations to your lifestyle and mindset. The combination of these factors often makes it difficult for patients to maintain mental toughness during the healing process--resulting in disrupted thinking, decreased mood, and an inability to relate to friends and family.

16 July 2015