Decubitus Ulcer Risk Factors


If your senior loved one is in a nursing home, the staff will assess the individual's risk profile to determine if he or she is at a high risk for developing decubitus ulcers, or pressure sores. When risk factors are taken into consideration, a comprehensive preventative plan of care can be developed so that the senior's skin stays intact. Here are some risk factors that may predispose your aging loved one to decubitus ulcers, and which interventions that nursing staff will implement so that the resident's skin stays as healthy as possible:

14 June 2019

Using A Skilled Nursing Facility For Your Recovery


Following a major injury, illness, or surgical procedure, individuals can have intensive medical needs that will have to be met. If you are currently facing the prospect of a lengthy and difficult recovery, skilled nursing facilities can be an excellent option for allowing you to more easily meet your needs during this time. Consider The Option Of A Skilled Nursing Facility For much of the recovery period, you might need regular access to assistance, medical treatment, and therapy sessions.

21 March 2019