4 Ways To Ease The Transition To A Memory Care Facility


If you have a loved one that is suffering from dementia, you know how difficult it can be to take care of them. Over time, a loved one who has dementia may need more care and attention than you can provide them with on your own. When your loved one needs more assistance than you can provide, and they have dementia, you need to move them into a memory care facility like Siskiyou Springs Senior Living. A memory care facility is specifically designed to assist elderly individuals who are losing their short-term memory abilities.

Do the Packing & Moving On Your Own

When it comes to packing up and moving your loved one, this should be a task that you do on your own. This should not be a task that your loved one is involved in. Packing and moving can be stressful for anyone, but adding dementia on top of that, the challenges increase. Making decisions about what to keep and what to bring when one has dementia can be very challenging, as the decision-making process is compromised.

Instead, take on the task of packing up and moving their items into the memory care facility on your own. Pay attention to the items in their home that your loved one looks at or interacts with the most, and bring those items with them.

In most memory care facilities, your loved one will only have a bedroom and perhaps a personal sitting area/living room area, so you are not going to be able to bring everything. Bring the items that you think will most remind your loved one of home.

Take Your Loved One Out for the Day

Have a family member take your loved one out for the day or for a few hours so that you can pack up their space and set up their new room at the memory care facility without them being present. This will help reduce the stress on them and will allow you to make sure that everything is moved. The person who takes them out should take them somewhere that they know your loved one likes and is comfortable with.

Bring Them Back to A Set-Up Room

When you bring them back from their day out, take them to the memory care facility and show them their new room. Hang out with them and spend time with them as they adjust to their new room. Transitioning right into the new room after being out for the day, and not coming directly from their home to their new home, can make the moving process easier.

Move During Their Best Time of Day

Most individuals who have dementia have times of the day when they are more lucid and when they are less lucid. Plan the move so that they are arriving during their best part of the day. This will allow them to really adjust to the place and to get an idea of their surroundings when they are most lucid.

When it comes to moving your loved one into a memory care facility, take your time to find one that you think your loved one will enjoy and that can meet their long-term needs. You don't want to have to move your loved one around too much, so find a place that can be a good long-term home for your loved one.


3 September 2019

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