Is It Time For An Assisted Living Facility?


Aging is something that happens slowly. As each year goes by, you might find you're a little more forgetful or need more time to recall information. Your back may hurt or you might be about to have hip replacement surgery. You may think you can handle all these health issues on your own--but when might assisted living care in a facility be necessary?

You Forget Medication

One major indicator that you need professional assistance is that you forget to give yourself required medication. If you cannot depend on yourself to administer the pills or liquids which could help you, professionals may need to step in. Assisted living facilities staff their centers with people who will check in with you so that you're never without needed meds.

You Have a Chronic Disease

With diabetes, heart failure, asthma, and other long-term, chronic conditions, your health could change at any time. You could feel good for some days, only to struggle to maintain good health or a healthy feeling on other days. Chronic disease sufferers benefit from assisted living care because it accommodates both scenarios. On the days when you feel great, you don't have to check in with the nurse. However, if your condition is worsening, you can quickly receive attention and care. As you become even older, assisted living care can be even more vital because you may need more help and services.

You're Afraid

Aging isn't always fun. You might worry about a heart attack or another emergency situation. You may wonder what would happen if you fell ill in your home without anyone around. Assisted living communities and facilities alleviate these concerns. With medical personnel and aides nearby, you won't feel alone in a time of a health crisis. Professionals are always on call and help is always near.

You're Lonely

Sometimes health issues aren't what necessitate assisted living care. Even if you find you can still get around and don't have any pressing health problems, you might be incredibly lonely in your house. Your adult children might have already moved on and your spouse may have passed away recently. Assisted living facilities offer you real social opportunities; with a full monthly schedule and plenty of activities, you might be able to bring out parts of yourself that you thought were long gone. Friendships and even romance can flourish when you're always surrounded by those in your age group in a thriving assisted living community.

Exploring assisted living care and the ways it could fit into your life is worthwhile. You might discover these facilities can support you and permit a full, functioning, enjoyable life.


27 November 2018

assisted living following a stroke

When my mom had a stroke, I knew that things were never going to be the same. We were very fortunate that she lived so close to the hospital and that the neighbor was there visiting when it happened, because the outcome is not as bad as it could have been. Unfortunately, she needed a lot of extra care while she worked to recover from the damage that was done. I found a wonderful assisted living facility to place her in to get the help that she needed. If you have a loved one that has recently experienced the same thing, my blog could be quite helpful for you.