Are You Helping Elderly Parents Who Are Far Away?


If you live far away from elderly parents, you probably feel frustrated that you aren't close by to help. You might even have feelings of guilt for not being there to care for parents who have been there for you from the time you were born. From helping your elderly parents while they remain at home to looking at skilled nursing homes when the time is right, here are some ideas that might help you.

At Home - Obviously, you are probably already making long-distance calls every single day. You are more than likely even making personal visits to your elderly parents every chance you get, even though it is an expense and a huge time commitment. However, there are things you can do for your parents even when you are not there. For example, your elderly parents, more than likely, are not able to drive anymore. If you think they would enjoy it, and if they are up to it, consider making arrangements for a taxi to take them somewhere like the movies or to their favorite restaurant once a week. Would your parents enjoy attending church on Sundays? If so, think about talking to the ecclesiastical leader of a nearby church and arranging for somebody to invite your parents to church each week. Little things like flower or pizza deliveries might be another good way to let your parents know you are thinking about them.

Nursing Home - Perhaps you have heard from your parents' neighbors or from other friends that they are concerned about your mother and father's well being. For example, a friend might have gone to visit, only to find that a stove had been left on. Maybe you have recently visited with your parents and you have realized that they would be better served by living in a skilled nursing home. Hopefully your parents, or even just one of your parents, may have even realized that keeping a house has become too much of a responsibility, too much of a burden. Think about visiting different nursing homes with your mother and father. Help them to see that they will be taken care of by professionals who are trained to work with elderly folks. Whether it's both parents or just one parent, it is more than likely that you can set up a bedroom that contains furnishings from home. Besides the practical care your parent or parents will receive, there will be enjoyable activities like Bingo night and movie matinees offered. 


5 June 2018

assisted living following a stroke

When my mom had a stroke, I knew that things were never going to be the same. We were very fortunate that she lived so close to the hospital and that the neighbor was there visiting when it happened, because the outcome is not as bad as it could have been. Unfortunately, she needed a lot of extra care while she worked to recover from the damage that was done. I found a wonderful assisted living facility to place her in to get the help that she needed. If you have a loved one that has recently experienced the same thing, my blog could be quite helpful for you.