How ABA Services Can Stop Stimming Behavior In Autistic Children


It is common as a parent to become concerned when your child is rocking back and forth. This is called self-stimulatory behavior. Examples of this behavior include biting, rocking, head-banging, scratching, and hand flapping. An autistic child usually carries out these behaviors on oneself.

Stimming is another name for self-stimulatory behavior. Read on to find out how ABA services can stop stimming behavior in autistic children.

The Need For Sensory Input

Self-stimulatory behaviors often occur because the child needs extra sensory input. Sensory input is the stimuli that are recognized by your senses. There are several reasons why children engage in these behaviors. These reasons include to decrease pain, manage emotions, understimulation of sensory input, overstimulation of sensory input, and for self-soothing.

Bring Change With Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) services are a type of therapy. This practice uses a variety of principles and techniques to bring about positive change in behavior. It focuses on specific behaviors, such as adaptive learning skills, academics, reading, communication, and social skills. Examples of adaptive learning include job competence, punctuality, domestic capabilities, grooming, hygiene, and fine motor dexterity.

ABA techniques can be led by adults and children. They were developed to build useful skills in autistic children that can be used from childhood to adulthood. With consistent ABA therapy, your child's behavior can significantly improve and reduce the need for special services.

How This Therapy Changes Behavior?

If you choose ABA therapy, then your child has the opportunity to work with a therapist. From the start, you will discuss what behaviors need to change. Your therapist evaluates your child's behavior and develops a treatment plan from their observations.

If your child has problems with rocking, then your therapist will find out the reason for the behavior. Some autistic children tend to have trouble explaining what is wrong. ABA therapy teaches your child self-expression and a positive way to change the behavior.

To get desired results, applied behavior analysis requires continuous evaluation and heavy monitoring. Therapists also provide training for parents and teachers.

Stimming is a concern because it can affect you in social settings and interpersonal relationships and may cause self-harming. If you want your child to thrive and be happy, then he or she must have the ability to make friendships.

It takes teamwork when raising an autistic child. To overcome this behavior, you should work with a therapist and teacher and take advantage of parent support groups.


23 January 2018

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